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Dave Stamer - President 2018

Mike King - Vice-President 2018

Paul Schutt  - Treasurer  2019

Ramiro Alvarez Secretary 

Ben Labonog - Board Member  Assigner 2019

Roberto Lopez  Board Member 2019


Otis Byrd - Board Member 2019

Kevin  Lehane Board Member 2019

Note:  Terms are for 2 years.  The date at the end of each board members name indicates the year that board member was most recently elected.  The offices of President, Vice-President, Treasurer and Secretary are voted upon each year by the general membership.  High School Game Assignor is voted upon every 2 years by the general membership.  The High School Game Assignor does not have to be a current board member.  The President, Vice-President, Treasurer and Seccretary do have to be current board members.

Northern California Football Officials Association
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Mike King 650-283-4768

2021     NCFOA Board of Directors:
High School Game Assignor:
 Ben Labonog