We are an association of football officials that work high school in San Francisco, San Mateo, and parts of Santa Clara Counties only.

We are recruiting new officials for the 2015 season. See the FINAL ORIENTATION Meeting Below.

Please go to the Join Us page to get on our email list.

We are actively recruiting for the fall season.  Our signup period and training occurs in the spring to summer.  This enables you to become an official for the Fall 2015 Season.

LAST CHANCE    If you are interested in Joining us for the 2015 Season,  SIGNUPs ARE ENDING AUGUST 5th

Summer Study Session and New Person Meeting on August 5th with Honigs at 6:00PM to 7:00PM - 8:30PM
at 353-A Vintage Park Drive, Foster City, CA

please click on Contact US.  Applications are accepted in January - July of each year.
The training section of the website contains tools to help you prepare for the 2015 season.  There are video and quizzes to review.  Of course, you'll also want to keep reading your rule and case books as well.  See you in May at our Spring Clinic!

Northern California Football Officials Association